Taconic Opera needs you!

Opera doesn't exist on ticket sales alone. It depends on your generosity. Without your help, your tickets would cost you over $300 a piece. As a Charitable Institution and 501c3 organization, Taconic Opera is the best place to donate! Your generosity is rewarded with a tax deduction by the IRS. You can donation in a number of ways:

1. Click the button above and donate through paypal. You do not need a paypal account, only a credit card.

2. Send a check made out to Taconic Opera to:

Taconic Opera
9 Stacey Ct.
Peekskill, NY 10566

3. Call us and do it over the phone! (855) 88-OPERA

4. Send us stock! Sometimes it's easier to just send us stock without having to liquidate.

After you donate, we will send you a letter confirming your donation that you can use for tax or other purposes.

There are many levels of donations in the company. All donations over $50 are listed in the program.

Why have your name listed in the program if you want to humbly help the company? It's not for your aggrandizement! In fact, Taconic Opera wants your name in the program because it inspires others who may know you to give as well. This helps the company even further. So don't be coy about these things. We are grateful for putting yourself out there as a supporter!


Golden Circle $50,000+

Silver Circle $25,000-$49,999

Chairman's Circle $10,000-$24,999

Music Director's Circle $5,000-$9,999

President's Circle $2,500-$4,999

Taconic Circle $1,500-$2,499

Founder's Circle $1,000-$1,499

Benefactors $500-$999

Patrons $250-$499

Contributors $100-$249

Friends $50-$99