Along with the stars that appear in its productions, the Taconic Opera features an exciting chorus from the local community. This dynamic group is a wonderful family of artists from all walks of life that come together and rub shoulders with professionals in the opera field.

If you would like to sing with us, please let us know. Before contacting us, however, you should know some of the expectations that go with being a member of this dynamic group:

1. You need to know how to read music. If you are just a good memorizer from listening to music, this may not be the right fit for you. In addition to rehearsals, learning to sing in an opera chorus requires self-study in addition to good rhythm and counting skills. When everyone you work with is committed to this, it makes the experience more exciting for everyone. If you have been in choruses before, you may be ready for the next step and want to join us.

2. You will be singing in various languages. Generally this is Italian, but sometimes, it includes French, and German (or Latin-as chorus members also get the opportunity to sing in classical oratorio and concerts as well!). If you are not afraid of languages then you should be fine. Translations are often passed around at rehearsals which help a great deal in your memorizing. Pronunciation help is offered at rehearsals as well as translation. Understanding the language in which you are performing makes memorizing easier since you are not just memorizing meaningless sounds and it makes performing so much more enjoyable as well.

3. Ultimately, you will need to memorize the music you have learned so you can move on to the stage. In the operas, you will be expected to act. Taconic Opera is not a "park and bark" opera company. Our chorus does not just stand and sing pretty. If you have had stage experience, all the better. If you haven't, but have the other skills, you may find this an exciting next step in your growth as a performer. All good performing includes acting. Acting affects the way in which a phrase is interpreted and also colors the voice as you taste each word.

4. You will often be singing more loudly than you are used to, if you have had a choral background. You should have some background in vocal technique. If you have never had a voice teacher, nor received any kind of guidance in vocal technique you might want to look into some instruction. Power comes with training and anyone can sing well with proper training. (No, you are not born with a voice--singing is a skill like any other). You need to know how to support your voice, which can be learned. Opera doesn't use microphones unlike musical theater or plays. What you hear comes straight from the singers and isn't reproduced electronically. This is something of which we are quite proud in opera.

5. Leave your high brow at the door! Opera is NOT elitist anymore. Wear a t-shirt to rehearsal and come to have fun. You will find a great group of people ready to embrace you as a family. Taconic Opera is that way. Music is joyful. We work hard, we work meticulously, but we also have fun!

Contact Mary Corda for more information about joining the Taconic Opera chorus at